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About Us

Short History

Jesus Christ is the reason of our school and St. Joseph’s Convent S.S. School



Our Motto



Aims and Objectives

1. Integral formation of the person, enabling the student to become aware of the world, its diverse culture and problems. Read more...

School Anthem

School life is long,
The end seems so far



Our Principal


Our Institution, which is 137 years old, is one of the Pioneer institutions of Jabalpur in the field of education. The great traditions of the past are maintained and improved upon as the years go by. The top priority of our school is the overall development of the pupils, through various activities with special emphasis on moral values and academic excellence. Due importance to physical development through games and sports is also given. Thus in keeping with the motto of our school “Virtue Alone Ennobles”, every year our institution turns out young women of character, balanced in mind, body and spirit- in service of mankind and the nation. Education must be a partnership between the school and parents if we are to prepare our children well to meet the challenges and needs of the future. Hence we need your co-operation, dear parents, in this connection. This Diary is a liason between the parents and the school. Any problem regarding your ward, may be convey through this diary or you may seek an appointment with the Principal. Please co-operate with us and instruct your child abide by the regulation of the school. May our Divine Guru fulfill our vision and aspirations for all the students who pass through the portals of S.J.C.



New Academic Session 2013-14

School Re-opens : 20 June 2013